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by Vance Pennington - Waking Spirit Flutes

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Thank you for joining me here at World Flutes.

My interest in traditional world woodwind instruments came about over years of repairing cracked and split imported bamboo instruments from across the globe. I felt I needed to find ways to create these instruments from materials that were stable and would not suffer the same or similar fates that come with the use of bamboo. While repairing, I studied all the instruments that came into my studio and became fascinated with how they work to create their individual sound and playing characteristics. It has been a fascinating journey of exploration and discovery that continues to this day.

I am, therefore, proud to present, on this website, the first of many world instruments, all of which embody the tones and playing characteristics of the indiginous instruments they represent.

May I invite you to make your selection from the side menu to start your journey?
Vance Pennington

Sound clip of a Xiao being played by Master Xiao player, Mr. Gary Stroutsos (from his album 'Within You, Without You'. Album produced by William Hoshal)

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