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Hi Vance. 

I received delivery of my flute on Friday and it is wonderful! It has excellent craftsmanship and a great sound. I really like the feel of playing the side blown. I’m very pleased with both of my Phi flutes that you made for me. They really project and have a very unique sound. You are a world class flute maker Vance!!!    


Waking Spirit Flutes (Vance Pennington) are some of the finest World Flutes available on the market today.

Vance’s craftsmanship, fit and finish is beyond reproach. The playability of these flutes is incredible. As a flute maker and performer, I have found that playing Waking Spirit Flutes has helped me to develop a better understanding of air flow and speed, it’s relation to placement and form of the cutting edge in the development of clear, concise notes.

I would and do recommend Waking Spirit Flutes to my discriminating clients, performers and collectors that demand the best in Anasazi, Xiao and Shakuhachi Flutes.

Tim Blueflint

Hi Vance.   

Happy to report that I received delivery of my flute today. You were right about the holly, it is very pure. The sound is wonderful, it really does vibrate to the sound of the Universe!



I received the shakuhachi today. It is very beautiful. It is darker and grainier than I pictured rosewood, but I like it. The nodes and bell shapes are very nice.

I will need a little bit of time to get dialed in to playing it, but after 2 minutes, I can see that it has a warm and resonate sound. The Otsu Ro makes the whole flute vibrate, which is very good.

Thanks Much,

It is lovely!  I'd forgotten just how nice a flute it is.  I also forgot to remind you just what a flake our mail man is.  He tried to deliver my flute to the wrong house.  Thank goodness they weren't home.  I finally got the slip that it was waiting for pickup at the local post office too late on Saturday. Picked it up this AM on my way to work.



My name is Mark and I met you at the Oakhurst, California Flute Festival several years ago. I went to your booth to look at the Xiao flutes after listening to Gary Stroutsos and William Hoshal at the previous nite's performance.

After an hour or so of looking and playing your flutes at your booth, I had narrowed my choice down to 2 flutes and could not make up my mind. Within the next 45 minutes, Stephen DeRuby Gary and William, among others, came by and agreed with me that it was a difficult choice. So, after two hours or so, I took their advice... to buy both of them! I purchased the Imperial and Purpleheart Xiao flutes and have been very happy with my decision.

Thank you, Vance, for humbly accepting the gift of music from our Creator.

With warmest regards,


What can I say Whooooooooo

Hi Vance.

This Shakuhachi is so elegant in playing. And the sounds that I can pull out of it are just breath taking. The Xaio is such a wondrous flute that I am having a time of it explaining  how much I adore this flute. The craftsman ship of these  precious  musical instruments  are absolutely the best I have ever seen.  I cannot remember how I found you guys, but I am so grateful I did. And Marby is a jewel to talk with so much. Your customer service is impeccable. 

I again look forward to purchasing more flutes from you in the future.  Thank you both  very much. And  just another short note . It is very hard for me to put them down. Though I must sleep, and I must work so I guess they have to rest also. Much Appreciation to you both.

Doran R.

HI Vance & Marby,

I got to play Vance dizi last weekend at a music conference here in the Santa Cruz mountains. Everyone loved the sound and marveled over the beauty and craftsmanship of his work.

Stay well my friends,

Dear Vance,

Thank you! I picked the flutes up this morning at the Post Office. I'm one happy flute player! The Xiao is exquisite, I expected a top quality instrument and you exceeded my expectations. What a beautiful flute, the figured redwood is gorgeous. And what can I say about the Bansuri, it's exactly what I was looking for, with proper care it will last me a lifetime. I definately see a larger Bansuri from you in the future, once I've replenished my flute piggy bank. Thanks again Vance for your stellar craftmanship and exquisite flutes.

Warmest regards,

Bill B.
Hello Vance ~

My Xiao Came! Nice work Vance, I want to thank you for making such a beauty. I have a much less expensive six hole bamboo xiao from China I had gotten since I first ordered with you to practice with, your xiao has a much easier reach, my little finger and wrist don't suffer near as much with your flute. Love the tone of this flute! Thanks again Vance, I'm really thrilled and most happy with this flute. I will highly recommend you.

Take care friend.

Bill S.

Hello Vance ~

I received the Xiao yesterday in good shape. Beautiful piece of work and good sound too. It will be fun to have a Xiao that I can take camping or down to the coast and know with respectful care it will do just fine. Thanks for the quick delivery too ~ I was set to wait longer.

Best regards ~
Patricia Partridge


Just wanted you to know that I picked up the Chinese Xiao Flute that you made for me. The flute is wonderful and it sounds great. I have a couple of Anasazi Flutes as well and I am able to hit notes on the Xiao much easier. I look forward to learning the Xiao Flute very much. 

Believe it or not, I always thought I would order a N.A.F. from you first but when I saw the Xiao I couldn't resist. I've grown an interest in leaning wind instruments from around the world and am trying to obtain Chinese Dizi Flutes, Bansuri Flutes from India, and flutes with Middle Eastern Tuning. Probably will still get a NAF, or two, from you in the future. If I can make it to the flute festival in September, Northern California, I will stop by and see you. 

Take care for now and just wanted you to know how much I enjoy the flute. Music helps calm my soul when I return from operations overseas and helps me maintain my humanity. Your craftsmanship is exquisite.

Peace be with you always;  Gary A.

Thanks again for the lovely instrument. You are truly a master.

Ken K. (Musician)