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Hardwood Bansuri (India)

Bansuri Maple Walnut
Maple and Walnut - Key A (E Bass)

The name 'Bansuri' derives from two words, 'Bans' (bamboo) and 'Swar' (musical note). This instrument, however, is offered in a combination of hardwoods, thus eliminating all the problems and hastles associated with splitting bamboo. Maintenance of this instrument is minimal.

Designed specifically for playing Western Style music (details), this instrument is tuned to two major diatonic scales ('Equal Temperament') obtained by covering the top three fingering holes for the root note of the higher scale (key) and by covering all the fingering holes for the root note of the lower scale (Bass key).

Normally, these instruments are difficult to play becuase of the often extrememly wide fingering hole placements which can only be played 'piper' style and/or if the player has very large hands. This bansuri has been mathematically created to reduce fingering hole placement distances while maintaining accurate tuning.

The embouchure of the instrument shown above is on the right hand side. The slightly offset hole at the foot of the instrument is, basically, a tuning hole as it cannot be reached on the majority of tunings of the Bansuri flute - see Tuning/Fingering chart for further information. However, on some of the lower tuned instruments (longer in length) the hole is sometimes used by players by covering the hole with parts of the legs.

As with any transverse instrument, if you can blow across the top of a bottle you can play this instrment!

Please note: The photograph above is viewed as if you were facing the player.

Wood Species
End Cap/Node
Two tone decorative threading
Equal Temperament (Western Tuning) - 2 Major Diatonic Scales. Concert at 72 degrees. A4=440 Hz.

Fingering Chart

Price : $225.00