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Maple and Walnut Dizi (China)


Dizi1 Dizi1
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The Dizi (pronounced 'Deets' or Dits') is a beautifully sounding side blown instrument that is not as difficult to play as most people think. If you can blow across the top of a bottle, you can play a Dizi.

Most commonly these instruments are created from bamboo but, as with most instruments created from this material, problems can easily occur due to bamboo's natural tendency to crack and/or split. So, I decided it was time for an American made Dizi that would last a lifetime with little care and attention but one which played and sounded as good as Bamboo. This instrument does just that and more. Being created with a controlled bore size (unlike bamboo) tuning is extremely accurate.

Created from specially selected Maple and Walnut this instrument is light in weight and has a rich total quality.

The traditional Dizi has the addition of an extra hole (optional extra) known as a mojong, which is bored midway between the embouchure (chui kong) and the top fingering hole, over which is placed (glued) a thin membrane known as 'dimo'. When the flute is played, the membrane vibrates giving off a 'buzzing' timbre which is very popular in Chinese music.

The two breathing holes, shown below, act to increase the hole at the foot of the instrument allowing additional air to be drawn into the sound chamber when playing in the higher octave.

Wood Species
End Cap/Node
Two tone decorative threading
Major Diatonic Scale.
Key of G (with a fundamental (root) note of D4 (low D)
Concert at 72 degrees. A4=440 Hz.

Fingering Chart

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