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Master Xiao player Joe Young

The American Xaio

Xiaos have been around for a few thousand years in some form emanating from China and traditionally made of bamboo. With the world growing smaller and traditional instruments traveling far from home it is inevitable that craftsman would find an interest and make their own versions. This is the case with the Xiao made by Vance Pennington. Lovingly crafted out of hard woods and formed to resemble bamboo with bump and ties. The wonderful thing is I don’t have to worry about my Pennington Xiao cracking, which bamboo is prone to do especially with changing temperatures and humidity. Smooth beautiful tone and wonderful playability match its great looks.

Thank you, Vance for making such a beautiful instrument.

Joe Young

I got my flutes yesterday. Thank you again so much they are amazing. I've never played a Shakuhachi where the upper register is so easily just right there, and your right about the ease ability of getting tone on the Phi flute its gonna be fun getting to know it. I was wondering about the thumb hole note.. if it was just for one note or if it was used on multiples.
OK... back to practice!

Joe Young

Joe Young

Joe Young Maple Xiao