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Hardwood Shakuhachi (Japan)

Diatonic Scale (Root note C4)

Pentatonic Shakuhachi in Padauk


Being very closely associated with the instrument known as the Native American or North American Flute, I received many requests for a hardwood Shakuhachi tuned to a pentatonic scale. With the requirement of a diminished bore size, in order for the Shakuhachi to play in the upper octave, fingering hole spacing proposed a problem but I have been able to overcome this by tuning the instrument to the key of C (C4 or low C). This Shakuhachi, therefore, has a root note of C4

This instrument has the ability to satisfy all the needs of Native American/North American flute players as well as offering the ability to play beyond the 1.4 octaves normally associated with the Native American/North American flute.

For those who are already familiar with the Shakuhachi and its various traditional tunings, this instruments offers the ability to play tunes and music that are more 'western' in nature.

Although offered in three different wood species, this instrument can be made from any suitable wood of your choice. Please email me for further information.

Please direct all inquiries to vance@waking-spirit.com

Wood Species
End Cap/Node
Minor Pentatonic Scale.
Key of C4 (low C)
Concert at 72 degrees. A4=440 Hz.

Fingering Chart

Price : $300.00

plus Shipping and Insurance for Contigious United States.

International Orders: Contact us for shipping and insurance costs.

Claro Walnut
Black Walnut
Claro Walnut Maple Black Walnut

Wood Selection

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